Zone Valve Actuator (½ inch)


1/2″ 2-way Cv 1.4 Valve Actuator, Non fail-safe, AC/DC 24 V, On/Off, Floating point actuator fitted

When used with the PEPCO Detection Alarm System, a signal command to shut down a valve will automatically be sent upon the detection of water, thereby significantly limiting the damage.

Our ultra-compact Zone Valve Actuator leads the way as a new generation of room and zone solutions. Designed for maximum efficiency in tight space with new design and performance standards for both pressure dependent and pressure independent zoning applications. Equipped with a space-saving 2-way or 3-way ball valve and an electronic rotary actuator, this Zone Valve Actuator has an installation height of only 4.33 inches (110 mm), available NPT or Sweat, and offers a number of benefits over conventional pressure dependent control valves, including:

Key Features*

  • Belimo ball valve design with zero leakage eliminates energy loss
  • Self-cleaning ball valve technology provides superior clog resistance
  • Low power consumption up to 95% less than conventional zone valves
  • Field adjustable Cv value to meet your design requirements

*These valves should be installed by a licensed Plumber. PEPCO Detection uses local licensed plumbers to install these types of valves.

Wireless Modem Rental

A wireless internet connection is required for all PEPCO Detection products and systems. If a wireless internet connection is not currently in place, PEPCO Detection offers wireless modems on a rental basis.


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