Zone Valve Actuator (1 inch)


1″ 2-way Valve Actuator, Spring return, AC 120 V, On/Off Actuator fitted

When used with the PEPCO Detection Alarm System, a signal command to shut down a valve will automatically be sent upon the detection of water, thereby significantly limiting the damage.

The 1 inch Zone Valve Actuator combines the proven performance of a synchronous motor technology with “enhanced motion” gear action which reduces motor wear while providing smooth, quiet (no water hammer), and constant close off. The crafted brass forged body is rated at 300 psi, and the high temperature paddle design assures years of trouble free operation. Precision formed components and an exclusive spring calibration process ensure uniform spring return and long valve life.

Key Features*

  • Compact in design, fits inside fin tube casing and fan coils
  • Wide service range, rated from 32°F to 212°F medium with
    up to a 50% glycol mix
  • Easily removable actuator without tools or linkage.
  • Designed specifically for high boiler feed and open
    system applications

*These valves should be installed by a licensed Plumber. PEPCO Detection uses local licensed plumbers to install these types of valves.

Wireless Modem Rental

A wireless internet connection is required for all PEPCO Detection products and systems. If a wireless internet connection is not currently in place, PEPCO Detection offers wireless modems on a rental basis.


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