Steam Trap Failure Detector


Measures temperature at the steam trap & alerts to failure

The ACI-EN1723-10K is a strap-on pipe sensor that measures the temperature at the Steam Trap. If the steam trap fails to open, the pipe temperature will rise above 205 degrees. If it fails to close, the pipe temperature will not rise above 140 degrees. A normal operating steam trap will maintain pipe temperatures between 145 degrees and 200 degrees. The transmitter can be mounted up to 6 feet from the steam pipe temperature sensor to prevent the transmitter from excessive heat.

Key Features

  • Pipe strap-on temperature sensor installs easily on pipes up to 6″
  • Transmits temperature measurement periodically and upon significant change
  • Transmission intervals from 10 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Measurement range: Internal -13° to 140°F (-25° to 60°C), External -22° to 212°F (-30° to 100°C)


  • 902 – 928 MHz North America


  • EchoStream®

Wireless Modem Rental

A wireless internet connection is required for all PEPCO Detection products and systems. If a wireless internet connection is not currently in place, PEPCO Detection offers wireless modems on a rental basis.


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