High Powered Signal Repeater


Decodes and re-transmits transmitter signals

In large buildings and campuses that are both high and wide a Repeater EN-
5040 is installed. The repeater is a line powered 900 MHz receiver that decodes and re-transmits signals from the EN-1751 transmitter. The EN-5040 acts as a range expander and accepts signal transmission from any transmitter it hears in its zone. Adding additional repeaters stretches the transmission forming a unique frequency hoping spread spectrum mesh network with Repeaters speaking to Repeaters. This allows for installation in smaller sites to easily expand to large campuses with several buildings.

For applications that require protection from the environmental elements, the EN-5040 may be placed in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure ( ACC640).

The EN-5040 transmits its signal to the PEPCO Detection Alarm Panel (PDAP). The PDAP contains a EN-4000 Serial Receiver that acts as a gateway between the PDAP where all messaging and program logic resides.

Wireless Modem Rental

A wireless internet connection is required for all PEPCO Detection products and systems. If a wireless internet connection is not currently in place, PEPCO Detection offers wireless modems on a rental basis.


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