Alarm Panel with LCD Display


The central point where all water leak sensor data
is transmitted, processed and stored

The PEPCO Detection Alarm Panel (PDAP) is the central point where all water leak sensor data is transmitted, processed and stored. It is the point where the alarms management takes place. Naming descriptions such as “Sensor 100301 Apartment 26B Master Bedroom Bathroom Sink” is stored in flash memory.

By design, each PDAP panel is pre-programmed to connect up to 500 wireless Water Leak Detection Sensors. Custom configuration increases the capacity to process several thousand Water Leak Detection Sensors. Each PDAP contains a microprocessor, wireless gateway, power supplies, power indicator lights, re-set switch and Internet Connection Ports.

The PDAP is a fully programmable, Native BACnet Controller that communicates on Twisted Pair Ethernet 10-BaseT using BACnet/IP and BACnet over Ethernet, or on RS-485 LAN using BACnet MS/TP protocol. In large buildings or campuses where several thousand or several hundred thousand wireless Water Leak Detection Sensors are installed, multiple PDAPs are networked together to form a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN or WAN).

The operating program and alarm events are held in battery back-up memory so if power is lost, the system continues to operate normally once power is restored to the system. The PDAP is shipped from the factory ready for connection to the internet via a DHCP or Static IP. This allows the operator to view, modify or change operating parameters remotely from any web browser or smart phone and view historical records and alarms.

Hi-Res LCD Display

This PDAP includes a 7-inch diagonal, high resolution LCD Display mounted on the face of the panel that allows for interfacing and local set up of the system. From the color display the user can:

  • View the entire system in real time
  • Set up and test alarms
  • Acknowledge an alarm
  • Set up an audible alarm notification

System configuration and some features, such as Voice Synthesized Dial Out Alarm Modules are sold separately. Consult the factory for additional information.

Wireless Modem Rental

A wireless internet connection is required for all PEPCO Detection products and systems. If a wireless internet connection is not currently in place, PEPCO Detection offers wireless modems on a rental basis.


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