Water Leak Detection
Small leaks under water heaters, washing machines or sinks can cause expensive damage throughout your property, including structural and foundational damage. Our water leak detectors instantly alert you about microleaks and unusual water flow before these issues turn into extensive damage such as broken pipes, flooded living spaces and basements…or worse.

Knowing there is a leak is important.
Being able to stop it from damaging your property at any time, even if you are off site, is where the real power lies. 

PEPCO Detection offers a unique and comprehensive approach to water leak detection for large-scale applications including apartment buildings, commercial properties, dormitories and similar spaces. Our complete Water Detection Systems with remote monitoring capabilities help prevent damage from excess moisture and flooding caused by broken pipes and faulty appliances.

Meet the Waterbug

Pepco Detection Water Detector

This leak detection sensor is the heart of our system. Easy to install, long life battery, trouble-free.

Watch our video and see for yourself!

In addition to the cost benefits, early water leak detection also provide many health and safety benefits by helping to prevent standing water that can lead to mold growth and pest infestations. 

  • Prevent costly repairs – When caught early, significant damage to your property can be greatly reduced. With early detection, small leaks can be repaired quickly to prevent paying for costly emergency repairs.
  • Protect living and work spaces – Water leak detectors alert you of small leaks so you can prevent damage to furniture, walls, floors, carpets, electronics, etc. Without early water detection, small leaks can easily go unnoticed until visible signs appear, such as strange odors, wall discoloration or sagging ceilings, which means extensive damage has already occurred. Early detection also reduces the chances of water pooling in one spot and turning into a breeding ground for unhealthy mold and mildew.
  • Avoid safety risks –  Foundation or plumbing leaks can cause flooding in basements. If the water rises high enough to interact with electrical appliances or wall outlets, it can carry electrical currents over long distances increasing the risk of electrocution.  Flooding also poses a fire risk if light fixtures or electrical wiring get wet.
  • Lower insurance premiums –  businesses and property owners across the country pay billions of dollars every year in costly repairs caused by water damage. Many insurance companies offer a discount on premiums for installing water leak detection systems.
  • Reduce utility bills –  unexpected increases in water bills usually indicates a water leak. Water leak detectors alert you to water overages before you receive an unusually high utility bill.
  • Remote monitoring – water leaks can happen any time of the day or night. Remote monitoring lets you check in on water levels any time, anywhere, and gives you quick and easy access to shut-off valves and sensors in the event of an emergency.
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