Temperature Detection
With the changing seasons comes a change in temperature. Unfortunately, as seasonal temperatures rise and fall, pipes will also expand and contract, often leading to breakage and leaks. Undetected leaks from burst pipes can quickly escalate into huge repair bills if left unattended. The best time to take care of these problems is before they create even more damage.

A proactive approach in which system issues and pending system failures can be identified and addressed before they happen
leads to increased occupant satisfaction, and a
reduction in capital expenditure.

Furnace failures and power outages can happen at any time, especially in the cold winter months. Remote monitoring technology, supplemented by a robust service network leads to fewer unplanned replacements, reducing unnecessary stress on limited operational resources. Our Temperature Detection Sensors provide advance warning when the ambient air temperature in your property is dangerously low allowing time to act before pipes freeze and burst, causing extensive damage to your property.
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