Smoke Detection
Smoke alarm systems are essential for the early detection of a fire in your property and could mean the difference between life and death. Reliable Smoke Detection Systems provide immediate alerts to ensure that occupants have enough time to vacate the building and to help prevent a fire from spreading.

Properly installed and maintained smoke alarm systems are considered to be the best method of providing
early warning of a potential fire hazard.

The most common causes of building fires are cooking, heating, electrical distribution, lighting systems and fireplaces. Our Smoke Detection Systems with remote monitoring provides constant 24/7/365 protection through immediate detection and notification of smoke, even if you are off site, so that emergency preventative measures can be implemented as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid smoke inhalation – smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death related to fires. Early detection provides immediate alerts to facilitate occupant evacuation and prevent exposure to harmful substances caused by fire.
  • Decreased risk of extensive fire damage – immediate alert to smoke can help minimize the damage caused by fire to both your now property as well as surrounding properties in your vicinity. The less damage there is, the quicker you can get each affected area restored.
  • Discounts on insurance – smoke detection systems help reduce costs for insurance companies by reducing the risk of a fire destroying your property. Therefore, installing a smoke detection system can help you qualify you for discounts on your property insurance policies.
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