Gas Leak Detection
Gas leaks present a substantial source of danger for your property as well as an enormous health risk to its occupants. In addition to the health risks, gas leaks carry explosive potential due to the highly flammable nature of the vapors.

Early warning of a gas leak can be vital to avoid serious consequences, so the best approach is always a proactive one.

All residential, multi-family and commercial properties should implement a 24/7 Gas Leak Detection System to provide early warning alerts of combustible or toxic gas leaks. Monitoring your property for elevated levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases will alert you to danger long before you risk exposure.

Protecting people and property is a top priority for all property managers, particularly the detection of hazardous gas leaks that can lead to significant damage and threaten the health of occupants and personnel.

Greatly reducing risk begins with the selection of the right gas detection system. Our wireless gas detectors monitor the oxygen in your property and immediately sends an alert to your smartphone and/or other electronic device(s) so that you are aware of and can mitigate danger even when you are not present on site.

Wireless systems allow you to monitor your commercial or industrial properties remotely. The sensors monitor your structures 24/7 without the need for your physical presence. You can use multiple receivers to monitor multiple units of any size so you will be equipped to fix leaks before there is significant damage to your property and/or occupants.

Most insurance companies offer discounted premiums for properties that install early leak detection systems, and conEdison also offers incentives and rebates for the use of energy efficient equipment that can help significantly reduce operational costs.

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