PEPCO Leak Detection Products

PEPCO leak detection products help facilities managers avoid large scale damage from unintended water collection. Wherever water doesn’t belong, that’s where PEPCO Detection products live. Our BACnet-based solution integrates with popular building management systems, so disruption and retraining are minimized.

Architecture Overview

Pepco Detection water leak and temperature freeze detection system architecture overview

PEPCO Detection Product Catalog

The PEPCO Detection water detection and freeze temperature detection systems offers reliable water detection and freeze detection wherever you need to avoid problems. We use a nearly infinitely-scalable wireless network supporting an unlimited number of sensors and repeaters connected to our own dedicated communication frequency. We offer round-the-clock alert and all-clear notifications using our on sensor network inputs.

The following are only some of the sensor, repeater, and networking products we offer. There is so much more!

EN1751 Water Detector

The EN1751 water detector provides affordable early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances and standing water when used with the Honeywell® FP280 or Flair Electronics® 1010-H2OS36-EN1751 probe, sold separately.

Key Features

  • Alarms upon detection of 1/4” non distilled water
  • Tampers if probe wire is cut or disconnected
  • Fully supervised, with a 60-minute check-in interval


  • 902 – 928 MHz North America


  • EchoStream ®
EN1751 Water Detector Sensor
EN1751 Water Detection Sensor
water sensor probe
Water Sensor Probe

EN1245 Wireless CO Detector

The EN1245 Wireless CO Detector features an onboard sounder, an LED indicator, tamper and local test. It’s also monitored by the EchoStream® network, alerting the user when sensor maintenance is needed or the battery is low. The CO sensing element has a ten year sensor life.

EN1245 CO Sensor
EN1245 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

EN1244 Smoke Detector

The EN1244 wireless smoke detector features an onboard sounder, a smoke sensor, an LED indicator and local test capability to allow the user total visibility of its functionality. It is self monitoring, alerting the user when sensor maintenance is needed or batteries are low, and automatically supervising the radio link. The EN1244 and EN1244-60 wireless smoke detector have been designed for operation in the United States.

Key Features

  • Local test and silence alarm functions
  • Low battery detection
  • Maintenance warning
  • Tamper switch for prevention against sensor removal


  • 902 – 928 MHz North America


EchoStream ®

EN1244 smoke detector
EN1244 Smoke Detector

EN1752 Temperature Detector

he Inovonics EN1752 temperature detector easily adds temperature monitoring into an Inovonics system with no third party hardware integration. The EN1752 temperature detector is preconfigured with high and low set points of 80°F and 40°F. Users can customize the EN1752 temperature detector to monitor temperature in a variety of applications including server rooms, storage areas, refrigerators, freezers, and pipes for pre-freeze warnings.

Key Features

  • 80°F high threshold for server rooms monitoring; 40°F low threshold for pre-freeze warning
  • Programmable thresholds with the ACC17XX programming cable and transmitter programmer app (supports Windows 10 and higher)
  • Compatible with Honeywell T280R probe for external monitoring applications


  • 902 – 928 MHz North America


EchoStream ®
EN1752 Temperature Sensor
EN1752 Temperature Sensor

May Day Water Shut Off Valve

On detection of water “where you don’t want it”,  PEPCO will furnish for installation by a professional licensed plumber,  an electronic 2 way full throat ( fail Close on power loss) control valve.  The PEPCO Water Detection System will signal the valve to immediately close should water be detected. This assures minimal damage to your property.

PEPCO Detection May Day Water Shut Off Valve

PEPCO Detection Product FAQ

We know you have questions about our water leak detection product suite. So, we’ve listed the most common questions and their answers. If you have a question we did not address, or you need more information, contact PEPCO Detection and we will be right back with you.

No, we can use WiFi, but we use the industry-standard BACnet communication protocol over our own dedicated communication frequency.

No, there is no practical limit to the number of sensors for our water leak detection and freeze temperature detection systems.

We can use cell phones, but as with WiFi, we are not limited to it or dependent on it.

Just as with WiFi and cell phones, we can use land lines, but we are not dependent on them.

No, sensors use a Lithium Ion battery. However, the repeaters in our mesh network and the central panel LCD display does use 110-volt power.

We use 3.0 volt lithium batteries with a typical life of 8-10 years. When batteries begin to fail, the associated sensor reports the condition and we know exactly where the aging battery is located.

Yes, each sensor is individually addressable. Repairmen can go directly to the failure point.

Yes, and we have been in the monitoring business for years.

There is physical integrity to the probe and transmitter. If probe is disconnected from transmitter, a tamper message will be sent.

Yes there is. For example you can program a sensor to see whether someone has a fever, and you can use voice control to, for example, “close the water valve on the 15th floor”. It is quite handy and powerful.

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