PEPCO Leak Detection System Overview

Our leak detection system helps facility managers avoid large scale damage from unintended water collection. Wherever water doesn’t belong, that’s where PEPCO Detection products live. The system combines moisture sensors with flow-based leak detection to automatically shut off valves preventing extensive damage.

Our BACnet-based solution integrates with popular building management systems, so disruption and retraining are minimized. Remote monitoring capability provides real time alerts 24/7/365.

Architecture Overview

Pepco Detection water leak and temperature freeze detection system architecture overview
The PEPCO Detection water detection and freeze temperature detection systems offers reliable water detection and freeze detection wherever you need to avoid problems. We use a nearly infinitely-scalable wireless network supporting an unlimited number of sensors and repeaters connected to our own dedicated communication frequency. We offer round-the-clock alert and all-clear notifications using our on sensor network inputs.

PEPCO Detection - Product FAQs

We know you have questions about our water leak detection product suite. So, we’ve listed the most common questions and their answers. If you have a question we did not address, or you need more information,
contact PEPCO Detection and we will be right back with you.

No, we can use WiFi, but we use the industry-standard BACnet communication protocol over our own dedicated communication frequency.

No, there is no practical limit to the number of sensors for our water leak detection and freeze temperature detection systems.

We can use cell phones, but as with WiFi, we are not limited to it or dependent on it.

Just as with WiFi and cell phones, we can use land lines, but we are not dependent on them.

No, sensors use a Lithium Ion battery. However, the repeaters in our mesh network and the central panel LCD display does use 110-volt power.

We use 3.0 volt lithium batteries with a typical life of 8-10 years. When batteries begin to fail, the associated sensor reports the condition and we know exactly where the aging battery is located.

Yes, each sensor is individually addressable. Repairmen can go directly to the failure point.

Yes, PEPCO Detection provides Remote Monitoring service 24/7/365.

Services Included:
  • PEPCO will maintain the necessary on-line service equipment to enable client to remotely log-on to your PEPCO DETECTION system (“SYSTEM”) via any standard web browser or Smart Phone.
  • Customer must maintain IP Internet Connection for Cloud Management.
  • PEPCO strongly recommends all clients use Static IP vs Dynamic IP. If your Internet provider changes the Dynamic IP address it may be necessary for PEPCO to come to your site to upload the new address. This is a billable service call.
  • On-line telephone support is included to assist your operators with New or Resetting of User Names and Passwords, Alarms Modifications and System Troubleshooting 24/7/365. The telephone support phone number 631-940-9880.
  • Changes to Software, Program Modifications or Graphics modification is billable. See Rates Below.
  • As PEPCO develops new program updates we will automatically download to your system.
  • PEPCO will maintain a log of USER NAMES and PASSWORDS as directed by Client. As Client staff changes, gets relocated or positions change, PEPCO will permit or deny access to designated personnel based on e-mail instruction from Client. Direct e-mails to or your PEPCO Account Manager.
Alarms Management:
  • PEPCO alarms include Critical Alarms, Priority Alarms and Routine Alarms sent to clients via E-Mail or Text message. Client to furnish PEPCO with a list of staff who shall receive alarms. Please include e-mail address of staff on last page of this agreement.
  • PEPCO will test each alarm a minimum of one time per year at the start of the contract period to confirm proper operation.
  • We will remotely backup the program database and system files Quarterly. In the event of a catastrophic failure such as a fire or vandalism we will reload the database from our current backup copy after the hardware is repaired.
  • PEPCO will maintain a log of active alarms and trends for 1 year.

There is physical integrity to the probe and transmitter. If probe is disconnected from transmitter, a tamper message will be sent.

Yes. There is an app that allows for complete system integration from any Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

PEPCO Detection is committed to making your experience with us the best it can be by delivering outstanding customer support for all of our products and services. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information. Click here>

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