Don't let your profits leak away.


Undetected water leaks are extremely costly. PEPCO Detection has water leak detection systems for large-scale applications including apartment buildings, commercial properties, dormitories, and similar spaces.

Our unique solution is wireless and affordable. For water detection solutions at scale, our cost / benefit analysis is “off the charts”. Call 1 631-940-1030 for pricing.

Our unique capabilities mean our system can handle the large-scale sensor volume of a multi-unit housing facility or commercial facility, record events that occur, maintain history over time, and allow multiple issue tracking and analysis.

How does our approach work at scale and over distance? Leak detection sensors transmit to a repeater network. The repeaters are located in hallways and common areas. Adding more repeaters allows us to stretch the distance we can receive sensor transmissions. So, we have no limit to height or distance for receiving sensor transmissions.

Why is our comprehensive approach to water leak detection important to you? Timely recognition of water collecting when and where it should not be, minimizes immediate and longer-term damage from leaks. It also minimizes collateral damage to adjoining properties or units. Quick response also minimizes mold development and other potential long term hazards resulting from a flood condition within an apartment or commercial space.

What is really unique? We detect water collection rather than flow metering. We can put a water detection sensor anywhere leaks are possible, and we can alert you in real time. So, wherever you don’t want water, our system will help you keep it from collecting.

Meet the Waterbug

Pepco Detection Water Detector

This leak detection sensor is the heart of our system. Easy to install, long life battery, trouble-free.

Watch our video and see for yourself!

What differentiates us?

PEPCO Detection is reliable. Our mesh networks provide robust connectivity. The mesh will adjust itself and keep working if a repeater goes down. In addition, we use our own dedicated 900 MHz frequency, reserved just for our product. So, network coverage is robust.

PEPCO Detection uses an open architecture. This allows us to integrate our sensors with other similar repeaters to send combined information to our cloud-based monitoring center.

PEPCO  Detection uses BACnet,  a data communication protocol for building automation and control Networks. This allows our system to be connected to other building management systems, such as  Honeywell, JCI, Schneider and Siemans. 

PEPCO Detection alerts you in real time. Our cloud software allows us to monitor and transmit alarms when water is detected in any of the thousands of sensors monitoring your property.  Each alarm notification is customized to show its exact location, assigned contact person, with date and timestamp. Each alarm can be sent to an email address and / or as a text message.

Who is PEPCO Detection?

PEPCO has been around since 1985. We are a building automation and control specialist company, with a long history with installs in over 1,000 buildings in the northeastern US. Our deep knowledge of the wireless industry led us to manufacturer of our unique water detection solution. The PEPCO water detection system is available for immediate delivery.  Other wireless devices that can piggyback on the SAME WIRELESS NETWORK include Smoke Detection, Carbon Monoxide, Motion, Temperature, Steam Traps and Freeze Protection.  Contact a PEPCO Sales Engineer for more information and pricing.

What do we do? In a nutshell, we provide reliable water detection wherever you don’t want water collecting. We do this wirelessly, at scale, without practical limits to the number of sensors and repeaters, using our own dedicated communication frequency. And, we provide 24 / 7 alerting and all-clear notifications based on sensor reporting.

Do we have an example of leak detection success at scale? Sure… One client manages an apartment complex in midtown Manhattan, with apartment A/C units some 30 yrs. Old. They constantly leak. When this happens, water flows back into the apartment and ruins floors, ceilings, and tenant furnishings. Identifying leaks quickly saves the client thousands of dollars, and avoids the expense and distress of tenant relocation while the apartment is under repair. 

Client Case Studies

Our success is measured by our expanding list of satisfied clients throughout the New York metropolitan area
(Multi-Family, Residential & Commercial)

The Kaufman Organization

The Kaufman Organization is a three-generation, family-owned and operated NewYork-based real estate company active in ownership of commercial and residential property, office leasing, management and acquisitions, with a portfolio of approximately 6 million square feet.

Drawing upon a century of experience, the Kaufman Organization divisions work fluidly with each other to ensure maximized value for their partners, tenants, and clients. Kaufman Management Company LLC, Kaufman Leasing Company LLC, and Kaufman New Ventures LLC are comprised of a strong team of professionals that provide complete brokerage services, third-party property management, acquisition advisory and asset management services to institutional clients.

Charlie Reid, a manager within the Kaufman organization, installed PEPCO water detecting devices in several of his properties. Recently, a toilet on an upper floor overflowed. The PEPCO system alerted him to the matter and it was fixed immediately. Therefore, a costly situation was averted.

The Kaufman Organization
The Kaufman Organization
New York, NY

25 Central Park West (The Century)

THE CENTURY The sister of the Majestic apartment building several blocks to the north on Central Park West, the Century is one of the masterpieces of developer Irwin S. Chanin, who also built the great 56-story Chanin Building on East 42nd Street and many famous theaters around Times Square such as the Roxy, the Biltmore and the Majestic. The building heating plant was converted from city steam to a central boiler plant in 1997. The plant consists of (3) 500 HP Federal Boilers and is Duel Fuel. The ENERGUARD™ was installed in May 2009 and controls the automatic Start Stop, Lead Lag and Fuel/Air Modulation of the boilers. Six (6) Zone Valves regulate the heat through out different parts of the building.

The ENERGUARD™ controls the valve modulation to each zone using feedback from wireless temperature sensors placed inside tenant apartments. The Resident Manager sets the zone temperature from a PC and monitors the temperature through out the day and night via a web browser.

A weather station on the roof of the building tracks wind speed, wind direction, RH% and Outdoor Air Temperature. On high windy cold days the Resident Manager increases space temperature settings in the zone most impacted by severe weather conditions. This has reduced tenant complaints and reduced fuel consumption in excess of 20%.

Each year the system is expanded to include additional mechanical equipment in the building including Gas Booster Pump, Stack Induced Fan System, Sump Pump Overfill, Leak Detection, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Gas Leak Detection and Vacuum Steam Control. Further expansion of the system will include Card Access and Lighting Control.

25 CPW - The Century
25 Central Park West ( The Century)
New York, NY
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